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Shipping delay in effect: Due to an urgent medical issue I will be unable to ship any orders for an indeterminate amount of time.
At minimum there will be a 1 week or possibly 4-5 week delay on shipping and communication via Email. Please understand that this is a very small business and life issues like this can easily derail an entire business that is run by essentially one person. Refunds will be give to anyone who does not wish to wait for their order during this time. That being said, I GREATLY appreciate any and all business during a difficult time such as this. Thank you.
– Begley / Shirts & Destroy


"If you didn't have those Tattoos..."

"If you didn't have those Tattoos... You'd be ALL faggot."

Lukas went to the bodega on the corner and an enormous biker said this to him. It was a clever way to phrase it because he didn't actually CALL him a "Faggot" but rather made the distinction that he WOULD be 100% one save for his plethora of tattoos. 

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

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